EDM Machining Services

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) machining is the process of creating a shape with electrical current discharges between two electrodes – the tool and the workpiece. Rapid electrical discharges pass between the tool and the workpiece, removing small amounts of material that is flushed away.

EDM services are effective at machining hard metals that may require intricate precision, as material hardness is not a factor. As the name suggests, electrical discharge machining is only applicable to materials that are electrically conductive. KLH offers multiple EDM services, categorized by the type of tool-electrode:

  • A continuous strand of wire cuts with an intense electrical current, without inducing stress into the material.

    • +/- 0.0001” typical tolerances
    • All electrically conductive materials
    • Nadcap wire EDM accredited
  • Custom-shaped electrode is lowered into material, to produce the negative or reverse shape of the electrode.

    • +/- 0.0002” typical tolerances
    • All electrically conductive materials
    • Repair damaged holes or threads
  • Brass or copper tubes are rotated while lowered into material, also called fast hole popping or micro hole drilling.

    • +/- 0.001” typical tolerances
    • Leaves burr-free hole
    • Nadcap fast hole EDM accredited
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