CNC Machining Services

Computer numeric controlled (CNC) machining is synonymous with modern manufacturing practices. Precision CNC machining services greatly increase reliability and repeatability, while reducing the potential for human error. Most modern manufacturing centers are controlled via computers, including EDM and waterjet machines. However, CNC machining usually refers to conventional manufacturing techniques, such as CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC surface grinding.

  • Computer-controlled, rotating cutting tool produces a shape or form with great reliability and repeatability.

    • +/- 0.0005โ€ typical tolerances
    • All metals, alloys, & plastics
    • True 5-axis machining
  • Cutting tool is applied to a material spinning at a high RPM, creating a part with rotational symmetry.

    • +/- 0.0003โ€ typical tolerances
    • All metals & alloys
    • Simultaneous 5-axis mill/turn
  • High-speed abrasive wheel removes small amounts of material to produce tight tolerances.

    • +/- 0.0001โ€ typical tolerances
    • All metals & alloys
    • Flatness/parallelism/squareness
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