KLH offers a variety of precision machining services to accommodate any requirements on any project in any industry. While working in a part-per-print environment, versatility is key. KLH understands and utilizes the strengths of each service to produce a quality product in a timely manner.

  • A continuous strand of wire cuts with an intense electrical current, without inducing stress into the material.

    • +/- 0.0001” typical tolerances
    • All electrically conductive materials
    • Nadcap wire EDM accredited
  • Computer-controlled, rotating cutting tool produces a shape or form with great reliability and repeatability.

    • +/- 0.0005” typical tolerances
    • All metals, alloys, & plastics
    • True 5-axis machining
  • Pressurized jet of water pierces and cuts through virtually any material: rubber, metals, cork, exotics, and more.

    • +/- 0.005” typical tolerance
    • Virtually all materials
    • No heat-affected zone
  • Brass or copper tubes are rotated while lowered into material, also called fast hole popping or micro hole drilling.

    • +/- 0.001” typical tolerances
    • Leaves burr-free hole
    • Nadcap fast hole EDM accredited
  • Cutting tool is applied to a material spinning at a high RPM, creating a part with rotational symmetry.

    • +/- 0.0003” typical tolerances
    • All metals & alloys
    • Simultaneous 5-axis mill/turn
  • Contact & non-contact CMM machines inspect dimensional size, location, alignment, & feature relationship.

    • +/- 0.00007” contact accuracy
    • +/- 0.0001” non-contact accuracy
    • Temperature-controlled environment
  • Custom-shaped electrode is lowered into material, to produce the negative or reverse shape of the electrode.

    • +/- 0.0002” typical tolerances
    • All electrically conductive materials
    • Repair damaged holes or threads
  • High-speed abrasive wheel removes small amounts of material to produce tight tolerances.

    • +/- 0.0001” typical tolerances
    • All metals & alloys
    • Flatness/parallelism/squareness

Looking for a service not on the list? KLH’s Alliance program teams with trusted partners to provide additional services beyond precision machining. The Alliance program includes forming, bending, welding, plating, coating, metallurgical evaluations, nondestructive testing, and more. At KLH, we take full-service manufacturing seriously.

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