Case Study News

  • Four companies have begun piloting a new apprenticeship model in Wisconsin. NIMS is a competency- based model that assesses students on specific skill sets. Unlike the current apprenticeship model, there is no time requirement.

  • KLH Industries has always operated with a simple motto, “Sell what people want to buy.” The message is clear; people want CNC turning. With the voice of the customer in mind, KLH has purchased three new turning centers.

  • In a flurry of new machines on the shop floor, one wire EDM machine has proven that age has its advantages. This Mitsubishi machine is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks, but not without new ideas.

  • The term "prototype die" is almost an oxymoron. Usually, it isn't quite cost-effective to CNC mill a 400 lb block of tool steel to produce less parts than most people have fingers.

  • KLH Industries recently contributed precision-machined aluminum to the “Crusher,” an unmanned ground combat vehicle. As an ITAR registered job shop, KLH is no stranger to defense or military machining.

  • "Please review the attached drawing," read one e-mail to KLH Industries, "it is a complicated little part...many people have no-bid this part."