CNC Surface Grinding Services News

  • Four companies have begun piloting a new apprenticeship model in Wisconsin. NIMS is a competency- based model that assesses students on specific skill sets. Unlike the current apprenticeship model, there is no time requirement.

  • Boeing has approved KLH Industries as a machining supplier for NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) program. The SLS is a flagship rocket system that will set new standards for commercial and deep space exploration.

  • KLH will celebrate 25 years of precision machining by hosting a live broadcast of WKLH’s morning show “Dave & Carole.” The program will coincide with a morning job fair, followed by an afternoon open house.

  • KLH Industries has always operated with a simple motto, “Sell what people want to buy.” The message is clear; people want CNC turning. With the voice of the customer in mind, KLH has purchased three new turning centers.

  • After a year in the making, the new KLH was shaped with the voice of the customer. We e-mailed, we called, we asked, “How can a precision machining website help you?”

  • KLH Industries has been nominated as a 2011 Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year (MOTY). This is KLH's third consecutive nomination in the small business category.

  • There's a familiar hum of spindle motors at KLH. A pleasing ping of metal chips as they spatter into the scrap bin and a sharp smell of coolant mist inside the machines. There's no mistaking the sounds and smells of CNC machining.

  • For the fifth time in its history, KLH Industries will double its manufacturing square footage. The entire CNC department will be relocating to a newly renovated facility, to better house a growing department.

  • If you happened to see the launch of space shuttle STS-135, NASA's final space mission, there was one thing you couldn't see from the ground or television - the KLH-made part inside the shuttle.