KLH takes great pride in being a precision manufacturer for leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and corporations. KLH provides the passion and experience to develop and maintain life-altering technologies and projects, including flight critical aircraft or aerospace components. As new ideas change the world, KLH will help make them happen.


To be manufacturing’s most valued supplier for precision machining and inspection services.
  • Embrace lean business tools to eliminate waste and efficient run process that provide only what the customer is willing to pay for.
  • Implement a sales/marketing plan that is always in touch with the voice of the customer.
  • Provide leadership in the innovation and development of people, processes, and solutions.


With continuous improvement as a sustainable cultural foundation, we will invest in people, processes, and technology. We will know we have succeeded when:
  • Our Customers:
    • Consider a KLH experience to be the best value.
    • Receive quality products with on-time, trouble-free service.
    • Receive timely information regarding their projects.
    • Increase their business opportunities & reduce operating costs.
  • Our Associates:
    • Work in an environment free of accident and injuries.
    • Are focused on continual personal and professional growth.
    • Use teamwork and improvement policies to drive competitiveness in a global economy.
    • Earn financial rewards that are above average with the marketplace.
  • Our Markets:
    • Benefit from our sensitivity to their interests, and our adherence to the highest legal and ethical standards.
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