Puma 480L Brings Large Diameter CNC Turning

Imagine a two-foot stainless steel bar as long as the average NBA player is tall. Where is that bar? On the ground like a glorified paperweight? At KLH Industries, that bar is inside of a CNC turning center, spinning at 1500 revolutions per minute.

In order to satisfy a growing customer demand for long or large diameter CNC turning, KLH purchased a Doosan Puma 480L turning center. As KLH approaches AS9100 certification, aerospace customers who require high precision on heavy cutting will utilize the expanded turning capabilities.

According to Doosan, "the main focus of the Puma 480 series is its capacity of heavy duty cutting, large cutting capacity, along with rapid positioning, and fast bi-directional turret indexing."

Thus far, CNC technicians at KLH can attest to that. One technician marveled at the speed and accuracy of the Puma 480L. "I'm amazed at how quick the [Puma 480L] is at heavy stock removal. It fills up the chip barrel faster than any machine I've ever seen."

Doosan Puma 480L Machine Specifications:

  • Max Turning Diameter: 25.6 in
  • Max Turning Length: 80.4 in
  • Max Spindle Speed: 1500 rpm
  • Swing Over Bed: 35.4 in
  • Main Spindle Motor: 60 hp

The Puma 480L is not just a turning machine, but a turning center. Whereas a turning machine performs 2-axis lathe functions, a turning center introduces additional high-performance features. Such as a bar feeder, to increase unattended machining, or a live tooling turret, which performs additional milling operations without removing the piece and creating additional setups. Fast turret indexing on the Puma 480L is virtually simultaneous, unclamping and rotating a tool in a blazing 0.25 seconds.

The Puma 480L was installed at KLH in early 2010. It is currently fully operational and fully prepared for your next turning project.

Of course, the Puma 480L is just a machine, and quality products are a result of a mature quality system and experienced employees.