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  • The quality lab can be a stressful stop in the manufacturing process: final inspections, tight tolerances, and critical dimensions. The pressure can get the overwhelming and blood boiling, but at KLH, it's tough to break a sweat.

  • KLH Industries has always operated with a simple motto, “Sell what people want to buy.” The message is clear; people want CNC turning. With the voice of the customer in mind, KLH has purchased three new turning centers.

  • On April 4th, KLH CEO/President Kenneth L. Heins represented Wisconsin at the National Institute for Metalworking Skills Apprenticeship (NIMS) expert panel held in Tampa Bay.

  • When seeking precision machining, from medical manufacturing to aerospace components, consider the precision and accuracy of wire EDM for your application.

  • Designing for wire EDM manufacturability can help save your customers time, money and even improve part geometry. Check out these 5 tips to improving DFM on your next wire EDM project.

  • KLH stands out from the crowd with a customer-focused mindset and commitment to continually invest in state-of-the-art equipment. KLH remains firm in its dedication to producing quality life-altering wire EDM projects.

  • KLH Industries has received Nadcap accreditation for Nonconventional Machining, including wire EDM and fast hole EDM. This achievement further solidifies KLH’s commitment to delivering the highest standards of aerospace machining.

  • Five-axis machines move in all three linear axes plus two additional rotary axes. The ability to precisely move the work piece without removing it has distinct advantages over conventional three-axis machining.

  • KLH Industries is now offering five-axis machining services on a new Doosan VC630/5AX. A trunnion-style five-axis, it features a 360-degree rotating C-axis on an integrated 150-degree tilting A-axis.