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  • The term "prototype die" is almost an oxymoron. Usually, it isn't quite cost-effective to CNC mill a 400 lb block of tool steel to produce less parts than most people have fingers.

  • At their most basic interpretation, waterjet cutting and laser cutting do the same thing - they cut stuff. One with water, the other with heat. Each uses a naturally occurring process, greatly intensified, to maintain tight tolerances.

  • KLH Industries has been nominated as a 2009 Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year (MOTY) in the small business category. KLH is deeply honored by the nomination, as it is a reflection of commitment and improvement.

  • KLH Industries has received Nadcap accreditation for Nonconventional Machining, including wire EDM and fast hole EDM. This achievement further solidifies KLH’s commitment to delivering the highest standards of aerospace machining.

  • Five-axis machines move in all three linear axes plus two additional rotary axes. The ability to precisely move the work piece without removing it has distinct advantages over conventional three-axis machining.

  • KLH Industries is now offering five-axis machining services on a new Doosan VC630/5AX. A trunnion-style five-axis, it features a 360-degree rotating C-axis on an integrated 150-degree tilting A-axis.

  • KLH Industries has purchased a new Flow Mach 3 Series waterjet with two very significant extra features – a 5-axis cutting head and a 90,000 psi pump. Not only will this waterjet produce 3D parts, but will do so at some of the fastest cutting speeds in the industry.

  • Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) has presented KLH with their 2013 Award of Excellence. The award recognizes KLH’s dedication to “building bridges between industry and education.”

  • Four companies have begun piloting a new apprenticeship model in Wisconsin. NIMS is a competency- based model that assesses students on specific skill sets. Unlike the current apprenticeship model, there is no time requirement.