KLH Advantage

KLH firmly believes that choosing a precision machining company, like most aspects in life, is about establishing a relationship. After more than two decades of building over 2,500 customers and partners, KLH has found our strengths, including services and certifications, can better align with certain niches. Here at KLH, we believe our strengths are:

  • Design for Manufacturing
    You know your designs like the back of your hand; we know machining capabilities like the back of ours. So let’s shake hands. By partnering with a project engineer, KLH can work with your form, fit and function to ensure efficient and/or timely machining.
  • Degree of Difficulty
    KLH often excels at precision machining where other companies wont even quote. R&D projects with a high degree of difficulty often find their way to KLH. The recipe for success is over 20+ years of experience, with a dash of creative machining techniques.
  • One Stop Job Shop
    Complete project management from forging machining to finish machining for a variety of in-house precision machining services, as well as qualified outsourcing services (for example, anodizing). Your project might make more than one stop, but you wont.
  • Quality Certifications
    As an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified job shop, KLH is no stranger to quality management systems. KLH’s quality system was originally certified in 2000, and is as robust as it is mature. Over 250 procedures ensure repeatability in our process. Maybe that’s why over 70% of customers come back to KLH within the same year.
  • Aircraft & Aerospace
    In 2010, KLH received AS9100 certification to more aptly serve OEMs in the aerospace market. Within a year, KLH-machined hardware components were on the International Space Station. Since then, KLH continues to extend its branch of process, paperwork, and professional excellence to aerospace manufacturers worldwide.
  • Lean Manufacturing
    Based off the Toyota Production System, the lean manufacturing philosophy targets waste, leaving only value-added. Employees are trained to participate in lean events. Some companies use lean as a buzzword, but KLH’s commitment to lean has been recognized nationally by Modern Machine Shop Magazine.

If KLH’s strengths match your precision machining needs, please consider submitting an online request for quote, or contacting a sales associate for more information. You won’t be disappointed.

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